Responsible Sourcing

BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing

Polyflor is pleased to announce that it has obtained BES 6001 certification, demonstrating compliance with a recognized responsible sourcing scheme as certified by the BRE. 

BES 6001 'Excellent' rating, improves our overall social and environmental performance, as well as adding third party accreditation to our own responsible sourcing claims. 

Polyflor is the first flooring manufacturer in the world to be awarded BES 6001. 

For many years now there has been certification for responsible sourcing, including Fair Trade; RFS (Responsible Fishing Scheme) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Whilst the FSC standard provides assurance for products harvested from well managed forests – including wood flooring – there hasn’t been to date a standard available for all flooring and construction products.

The BES 6001 standard, from BRE Global, is a means of securing certification to demonstrate through independent, third-party certification, that products certified against the scheme have been responsibly sourced. BES 6001 does not focus on a company’s site, but products or ranges manufactured at one or more sites.

The BES 6001 framework standard for Responsible Sourcing sets out requirements under three main headings: Organisational Management; Supply Chain Management and Environmental and Social Responsibility Management. 

To meet the standard, organisations must satisfy certain compulsory elements. In addition, there are higher levels of compliance that can result in a higher performance rating being awarded.

This is a significant milestone for Polyflor and the culmination of both hard work and more importantly having a company wide effective and efficient environmental platform to operate from. 

'Excellent' is the top rating a company can achieve and puts us among the most sustainability led companies in the industry. Furthermore, we scored the highest score to date, therefore becoming the best of the best.

BES 6001 is an important standard and it will be extremely valuable to customers looking to procure flooring with sound environmental credentials and traceability, from socially aware and ethical suppliers. Furthermore, the use of Polyflor products with BES 6001 certification can potentially contribute significantly to the available points in Materials section MAT 03 (Responsible Sourcing for Materials) of a BREEAM Assessment. 

For more information on this, view or download Polyflor’s online document, ‘Maximising BREEAM Credits with Polyflor’.” 

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