Environmental Product Declarations

Helping you make informed decisions for sustainable flooring

Environmental assessments or ‘Green Labels’ are used to identify sustainable products, thus helping specifiers make informed decisions on the environmental profiles of construction products. However there are many different green labels to choose from worldwide.

This proliferation can make it difficult to make a choice and also get the clearest and most up to date environmental information, confusing the global market. Specifiers are ever more discerning over green claims and want reliable, consistent data. 

With that in mind, the European working group CEN TC 350 created the new standard EN 15804 Sustainability of Construction Works - Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). With the aim of creating ONE pan European and Worldwide harmonized standard for reporting of environmental performance.

At Polyflor, we have been involved with EPD’s since the conception in 2012, specifically EPD (EN 15804). 

This means that many of our products have been examined and all information determined is available to our customers.

This allows you to compare our products' sustainability to other products you are considering. Our transparency lets you understand the environmental benefits of the flooring you choose.

Using EPDs on BREEAM & LEED assessments

Now that LEED v4 recognizes EPD’s there is a clear benefit to specifying a product with an EPD certificate. Extra points can be gained on LEED and BREEAM assessments:

• Polyflor ranges can contribute to the LEED v4 score through specific environmental product declarations (EPD), which can provide 1 point; or generic EPDs, which may contribute 0.5 points

• One bonus ‘uplift’ point can be awarded for the use of one of our ranges where a product specific BRE environmental profile or 3rd party verified EN 15804 compliant EPD is available.


HPD’s are Health Product Declarations. At this time we do not have separate HPDs for our products.  As a company we would welcome this and ideally, would be happy to see HPDs included within EPDs.  

However, as it stands HPDs are not created to any Internationally recognized standards - as with EN 15804 that legislates EPD’s. Therefore until they are legislated and therefore their contents are regulated and controlled to make them both fair and relevant we are holding back from producing them. 


Product Transparency Declaration (PTD) we do supply upon request. These are created by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute and BASTA formulation declarations are available.