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Expona Commercial PUR

Since its launch nearly 25 years ago Expona has been recognized as an industry leading brand. Now Expona Commercial is refreshed to stay perfectly on trend with 55 innovative new designs added to the range bringing the total collection to 80 designs. 

With new parquet, painted, mosaic, rustic and metallic effects, Expona Commercial LVT can be used to create adventurous interior schemes featuring bold statement flooring designs that tap into the latest architectural trends. Stunning yet subtle flooring designs in more traditional reproductions of natural materials give balance to this varied collection of 2.5mm gauge 0.55 wear layer luxury vinyl tiles. 

Making it easier to create a striking design floor, the Expona Commercial range now features more out-of-the-box design floor options, which are straightforward to install, including beautiful chevron and woodblock patterns. Larger format planks are also available in an 8” by 60” size that is unique to the LVT market.

A selection of Expona Commercial designs also feature an aligned surface emboss which marries up with the decorative layer for added realism. 

All Expona products are enhanced with Polyflor PUR, Polyflor’s exclusive and robust polyurethane reinforcement which is cross linked and UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits and a cost effective maintenance regime.

Expona Commercial luxury vinyl tiles contain recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Polyflor ranges can contribute to the LEED v4 score through specific environmental product declarations (EPD), which can provide 1 point.


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Painted Cement 5054
Raw Cement 5055
Dovestail Slate 5058
Urban Slate 5057
Indian Ink Slate 5056
Light Contour 5045
Dark Contour 5046
Bister 5099
Distressed Copper Plate 5097
Distressed Gold Plate 5096
Rusted Metal 5098
Industrial Steel 5101
Iron Ore 5102
Light Grey Concrete 5067
Cool Grey Concrete 5068
Warm Grey Concrete 5064
Dark Grey Concrete 5069
Alabaster Stone 5065
Porta Stone 5066
Fossil Stone 5079
Crystal Parchment 5105
Liquorice Parchment 5106
Black Textile 5077
Clay Mosaic 5093
Arctic Mosaic 5094
Granite Mosaic 5095
Frosted Marble 5104
Amazonian Slate 5059
Blue Recycled Wood 4068
Dark Recycled Wood 4067
Endgrain Woodblock 4109
Classic Oak 1902
Nut Tree 1907
Vintage Timber 4091
White Oak 4037
Beige Varnished Wood 4069
Light Varnished Wood 4071
Blond Country Plank 4017
Weathered Country Plank 4019
Aged Elm 4036
Black Elm 4035
Walnut 4089
Smoked Beam 4033
Burnt Beam 4032
White Ash 4021
Light Elm 4034
Grey Ash 4020
Grey Pine 4063
Light Classic Oak 4085
Honey Classic Oak 4086
Honey Ash 4022
Amber Classic Oak 4087
Dark Classic Oak 4088
French Nut Tree 4008
Warm Ash 4023
French Vanilla Oak 4058
Shoreline Oak 4078
Oiled Oak 4098
Natural Barnwood 4107
Grey Barnwood 4108
Wild Teak 4102
Everglade Oak 4101
Sherwood Oak 4099
Saffron Oak 4057
Red Heritage Cherry 4066
Roasted Oak 4079
Grey Heritage Cherry 4064
Silvered Driftwood 4014
Antique Oak 4016
Golden Chevron Parquet 4111
Tanned Chevron Parquet 4112
Blond Limed Oak 4081
Natural Brushed Oak 4031
Grey Salvaged Wood 4104
Grey Limed Oak 4082
Brown Weathered Spruce 4072
Dark Limed Oak 4083
Dark Brushed Oak 4030
Bronzed Salvaged Wood 4106
Blue Salvaged Wood 4103

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Expona Commercial PUR Gallery

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  • Decoration and shade may vary slightly from the samples shown.
  • Variation in color and design is a feature of this product intended to enhance the natural appearance of the floor.
  • The R values shown denote a ramp test result, which is an ex-factory measure of slip resistance. For safety flooring with sustainable wet slip resistance, refer to Expona Control PUR or the Polysafe ranges.
  • Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) are tested in accordance with BS 8300 : 2009.

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