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Expona Design PUR

Expona Design PUR is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the beauty of natural timber, stone and creative effects for use in heavy commercial areas. 

The recurring color tones featured in this collection can be seen across various wood, stone and cement designs. This synergy between shades means each design can stand alone or be combined with others from the range to establish defined zones or guide users. This offers greater flexibility when creating an inspiring space.

The Expona Design collection of luxury vinyl tiles blurs the lines between natural wood and stone finishes. By intentionally including a variety of patterns with the same harmonious colour scheme, different floor coverings can be combined to add a unique element to any commercial interior.

The exclusive designs featured in this collection provide the opportunity for creativity and encourage play and engagement, resulting in innovative floors that create unique spatial experiences.

Let your imagination take hold with these striking designs and construct a floor perfectly suited to every area. With multiple patterns and embossed flooring designs, the collection offers a bespoke and premium look whilst remaining easy to install and maintain.


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Reclaimed Inked Oak 9051
Salvaged Pier Timber 9048
Whiskey Barrel Timber 9049
Rustic Spiced Timber 9047
Pacific Oak 9041
Natural Brushed Oak 6179
Mango Oak 9042
Light Elm 6182
Silvered Driftwood 6146
Parkside Oak 9039
Promenade Oak 9038
Cream Geotexture 9147
Monochrome Geotexture 9148
Frosted Cement 9134
Wet Cement 9135
Subway Cement 9133
Cool Grey Concrete 7237
Factory Cement 9137
Pearl Stone 9128
Silverline Slate 9145
Medina Stone 9131
Atlantic Slate 7154
African Blue Stone 9132
Charcoal Slate 9146
Black Treadplate 8122
Grey Stencil Concrete 9139
Rusted Stencil Concrete 9141
Sepia Medley 9127
Coral Medley 9126
Smoked Medley 9125

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Expona Design PUR Gallery

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  • Decoration and shade may vary slightly from the samples shown.
  • Variation in color and design is a feature of this product intended to enhance the natural appearance of the floor.
  • The R values shown denote a ramp test result, which is an ex-factory measure of slip resistance. For safety flooring with sustainable wet slip resistance, refer to Expona Control PUR or the Polysafe ranges.
  • Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) are tested in accordance with BS 8300 : 2009.

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