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Expona Design PUR

Expona Design PUR is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the beauty of natural timber, stone and creative effects for use in heavy commercial areas. 

Developed using exclusive and protected designs, the highest technical quality and environmental standards are met with a range of multi-formatted tiles and planks, mirroring the beauty of natural materials and creative effects.

Polyflor Expona Design PUR is ideally suited to heavy commercial areas within the retail, leisure, office, education and healthcare sectors, plus other areas with heavy traffic. Polyflor Expona Design PUR is also ideal for use in all areas throughout the home. 

Creative inlay accessories are readily available to create individual floor designs. Bespoke cut designs can be produced on demand to meet each unique requirement 



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Cool Grey Concrete 7237
Warm Grey Concrete 7233
Dark Grey Concrete 7238
Light Contour 7214
Dark Contour 7215
Mocca Matrix 8076
Créme Matrix 8077
Classic Limestone 7173
Roman Limestone 7219
Silver Slate 7155
Atlantic Slate 7154
Black Slate 7153
Black Treadplate 8122
White Oak 6185
Blond Country Plank 6151
Natural Brushed Oak 6179
American Oak 6139
Classic Oak 6138
Antique Oak 6149
Amber Classic Oak 6222
Walnut 6155
Light Elm 6182
Silvered Driftwood 6146
Blond Indian Apple 6173
Aged Indian Apple 6174
Grey Heritage Cherry 6204
Black Elm 6183
Dark Brushed Oak 6178

Expona Design PUR Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for use within all heavy commercial and residential environments

  • ASTM F1700

  • CAN/ULC - S102.2

  • EN ISO 10582 Abrasion Group T / Type 1

  • Use Area Classification 23, 34, 43

  • Gauge: 3.0mm, wear layer 0.7mm 

  • Lifetime polish free to reduce maintenance costs (PUR)

  • R10 slip resistance (for sustainable wet slip resistance refer to Polysafe ranges)

  • ASTM D2047 > 0.5

  • (Polyflor products show test results greater than 0.5 for actual laboratory results please contact Polyflor)

  • 10 year commercial product warranty

  • Indoor Air Comfort GOLD, FloorScore Certified

  • Polyflor products have the potential to contribute to LEED® credits

  • Environmental Product Declaration certificate (EPD)

  • 100% recyclable and contains average 40% recycled material

  • BRE Global A+ Rated Product (Certificate No: ENP 429) in major use areas *

* Visit www.greenbooklive.com for more information.

Expona Design PUR Gallery

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  • Decoration and shade may vary slightly from the samples shown.
  • Variation in color and design is a feature of this product intended to enhance the natural appearance of the floor.
  • The R values shown denote a ramp test result, which is an ex-factory measure of slip resistance. For safety flooring with sustainable wet slip resistance, refer to Expona Control PUR or the Polysafe ranges.
  • Light Reflectance Values (LRVs) are tested in accordance with BS 8300 : 2009.

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Product Shade Card

  Expona Design PUR Shade Card Wood

 Expona Design PUR Shade Card Stone & Effect

  Expona Design PUR Product Brochure


Technical Data Sheets 

  Performance & Properties Wood

 Performance & Properties Stone & Effect


  Chemical Resistance Chart Wood

 Chemical Resistance Chart Stone & Effect

  Health & Safety Datasheet



  Polyflor Canada Adhesive List

 Polyflor International Adhesive List







  Floorscore Certificate

  EPD Certificate


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