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Polyflor Homogeneous Flooring

High performance, low maintenance floor coverings with attractive designs

From traditional marbleized through to sophisticated non-directional decorations, the homogeneous family of products offers excellent durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and endless design possibilities for the most demanding of areas.

Polyflor Homogeneous PUR – polyurethane reinforcement cross-linked and UV cured – facilitates a lifelong polish-free maintenance regime, superior cleaning benefits, enhanced protection, and optimum appearance retention.

Use areas and possibilities are near endless; here are just a few typical examples: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, daycare, schools, universities, long-term care facilities, retirement homes, retail stores, and offices.


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Palettone PUR
Pearlazzo PUR
Prestige PUR
Classic Mystique PUR
2000 PUR
Standard XL