Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Understand how your flooring choices can affect your indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality remains an important topic, but further emphasis has been made on significant contributors such as poor ventilation, moving away from building products such as flooring which can have minimal to no VOC emissions.

Polyflor vinyl is favoured for its superior ‘cleanability’ over other flooring products and is used in the strictest of hygiene zones throughout hospitals. An additional benefit of Polyflor’s low maintenance PUR products is the minimised VOC emissions from reduced cleaning chemicals.

Our flooring ranges have passed key international standards, but we continuously look to reformulate our ranges to ensure their VOC emissions are kept to the lowest levels achievable. Polyflor ranges have undergone many independent and rigorous VOC tests and have approval certification for the following: AgBB; Swedish B.P.D (FLEC test); Finland M1 test; Afsset A+ and FloorScore®.

The most recent test method by Eurofins, is ‘Indoor Air Comfort’. This test method is the most comprehensive and stringent within the industry, worldwide, and tests for all known emissions. Polyflor products tested to date have achieved Indoor Air Comfort Gold.

All Polyflor products tested to date have achieved Indoor Air Comfort Gold.

Additionally, Polyflor products conform to health and safety standard EN 14041:2004 via an E1 Declaration, which confirms that formaldehyde is not used in any Polyflor vinyl products.

Along with positive VOC test results there is no evidence to suggest that vinyl flooring contributes to common allergies such as asthma or dust allergies. It is non-shedding, where most allergies are caused by airborne dust (clean room test certification for non-shedding is available on most ranges).