Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) is a sustainable building certification program that rewards best-in-class building strategies and practices. Stringent criteria are set which a building project must meet in order to achieve LEED® certification. In doing so, specifiers will seek to use the most sustainable options available for the project.

The development of LEED® v4 has spanned more than three years, engaged hundreds of volunteers and thousands of stakeholders around the world. LEED® v4 has the potential to drive the reduction of building carbon emissions and take a stronger stand on human health, more so than any previous version of LEED®.

Since July 2015, LEED® v4 now recognizes and accepts Environmental Product Declarations which give extra LEED® credit points.

LEED® v4 allows Polyflor floorcoverings more potential to contribute to LEED® credits under the following criteria; Materials & Resources

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Environmental Product Declarations. 

Polyflor can contribute to the LEED® credit through its product-specific environmental product declaration (EPD), which can provide 1 point; or its generic EPD, which may contribute 0.5 points.

In addition to this Polyflor floorcoverings can also contribute to LEED® credit through these other Material & resources categories -

  • Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 
  • Low Emitting Materials 

Full Polyflor LEED® information can be found by clicking on our LEED® guide below.