Maintenance Guides

Regular and well planned maintenance keeps the floorcovering in pristine condition and can enhance the original appearance. Maintenance can also reduce wear and ultimately improve the life expectancy of the floorcovering.

Maintenance means many things to many people.

To some, it is an army of cleaning staff using modern powered machines working to a comprehensive maintenance program. To others, it is someone who comes in three evenings a week to dust and mop the floors. 

In each case, the requirement for cleanliness and gloss can be completely different. It is this variability in what is considered 'normal' that makes it impracticable for Polyflor in its manuals to give precise maintenance instructions to suit specific end user locations. The instructions given are intended to be used as a guide. They are based on general experience using established methods and cleaning materials. 

Polyflor recommends that the instructions are followed initially and, as traffic patterns become established, the frequency is tailored to suit. In other words we understand technically how are floors are designed to operate and be maintained however in practice each use area will be different plus each end users expectations will vary.


General Maintenance

  Buffing & Burnishing

  Polyflor General Maintenance Guide

 JohnsonDiversey Maintenance Products

 Polyflor International Maintenance Products

  Hygiene within Hospitals.pdf


Homogenous Flooring PUR 

Palettone PUR

Pearlazzo PUR

Prestige PUR

Classic Mystique PUR

2000 PUR

  Polyflor Homogenous PUR Floorcare


Homogenous Flooring PU


  Polyflor XL PU Floorcare

Polyflex Plus PU

  Polyflor Polyflex Plus PU Floorcare


Homogenous Flooring 

Standard XL

  Polyflor Standard XL Floorcare


Heterogeneous Flooring PUR

Expona Flow PUR

Forest FX PUR

  Heterogeneous PUR Floorcare



  BLOC PUR Floorcare


Polysafe PUR

Quattro PUR

Verona PUR

Modena PUR

Arena PUR

Mosaic PUR


Wood FX Acoustix PUR

Vogue Ultra PUR

Standard PUR

  Polysafe PUR Floorcare




Hydro Evolve


  Polysafe Floorcare


Luxury Vinyl Tiles PUR

Expona Commercial PUR

Expona Bevel Line PUR

Expona Design PUR

Affinity PUR

Camaro PUR

  LVT PUR Floorcare


Expona SimpLay PUR

  Expona SimpLay PUR Floorcare


Expona Control PUR

  Expona Control PUR Floorcare


Colonia PUR

  Colonia PUR Floorcare


Interwoven Vinyl Tile


  Wovon Floorcare


Acoustic Flooring PUR

Silentflor PUR 

Forest FX Acoustix PUR

  Heterogeneous PUR Floorcare


ESD Flooring

Polyflor SD

Polyflor EC

Polyflor Finesse SD

 Polyflor ESD Floorcare

Polyflor OHMega EC

 Polyflor OHMega EC Floorcare


Wall Cladding

Polyclad Plus PU

Polyclad Pro PU

 Polyflor Wall Cladding Wallcare


Sports Flooring

Sports 67

 Polyflor Sports 67 Floorcare