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Polysafe Hydro Evolve is a highly decorative safety vinyl flooring range combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance in continually wet and barefoot areas.

Polysafe Hydro Evolve is a carborundum-free safety product designed for continually wet and barefoot areas. With a supremely clear and high clarity decoration, a blend of subtle colorways, color complementary natural recycled aggregates and chip colors, the benchmark is now set. Add in the all important 36+ Pendulum wet test result as is expected with all Polysafe products to guarantee sustainable slip resistance for the life of the floor and here is a product completely fit for purpose.

Available in 8 aqueous and subtle colors, this carborundum-free safety flooring range features slip resistant particles in the vinyl and a raised pimple emboss for added grip and underfoot safety, to create a safe yet attractive interior in commercial or residential areas.

colors lend themselves for use in disabled adaptations where a less institutional looking but still fully performing safety floor are the key requirements. Suitability in both heavy commercial and social housing barefoot areas is ensured.


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Indus 4251
Amazon 4252
Danube 4254
Blue Nile 4256
Adriatic 4258
Colorado 4253
Tigris 4257
Black Volta 4255

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