Wall Base & Accessories

There are no short cuts to optimum performance with the installation of any flooring. 

That is why an overview should be taken of each project so that the finishing details are considered right from the start of the project. It also means that all parties are aware of their individual areas of responsibility. There is no question that the final details contribute so much to an impressive finish for the floor. These include relatively minor details such as awkward corners, internal or external miters, the junction where different floor coverings meet and finishing details around drains and other accessories. They make up only a small proportion of the total floor, yet they often make up most of an architect’s snag list.

A Polyflor installation must focus on these important details and also take into account all aspects of the location. We believe that the floor must not only look good, but also perform well, so that it is impermeable, hygienic and safe. 


The guides below cover elements such as;

  • Weld Rods
  • Drains
  • Expansion joints
  • Edge trims and transition strips
  • Access covers
  • Interaction with other flooring products 
  • Wall Base & other miscellaneous accessories


  Polyflor Recommended Finishes

  Polyflor Ejecta Range Details

  Installation of Homogenous Vinyl Sheet

  Polyflor Set-in-Skirting

  Polyflor Sit-on-Skirting

  Polyflor Capping Strip

  Polyflor Corner Cap

  Polyflor Weld Rod List


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