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XL PU, with its extensive proven pedigree, combines high performance with optimum style and enables the transformation of any commercial environment through the selection of vivid colors. 

XL PU is available in a duotone marbleized decoration featuring a polyurethane surface treatment which provides an excellent foundation for an easy, ongoing maintenance regime.

Polyflor Homogeneous ranges demonstrate outstanding durability and abrasion resistance. XL PU achieves the excellent abrasion wear rating Group M (EN 660 Part 2).

Following an individual assessment from BRE Global, XL PU achieves an A+ rating in major sectors such as health, education and retail (ENP472).

XL PU is 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material. Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas, XL PU is recommended for public, institutional and commercial buildings where ease of maintenance and long life under heavy traffic are required, e.g. hospitals, schools, laboratories and offices.


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Pumice 3700
Fossil 3710
Flint 3720
Porcelain 3880
Carnelian Beige 3890
Dolomite 3910
Sablee Beige 3900
Opal 3920
Citrine 3930
Peridot Green 3790
Connemara Green 3800
Turquoise 3810
Jade 3830
Rose Quartz 3870
Sedona Pink 3860
Ironstone 3850
Ruby 3840
Amethyst 3780
Blue Nickel 3730
Crystal Blue 3740
Azure 3770
Tanzanite Blue 3750
Dark Sapphire 3820
Blue Zircon 3760​

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